Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? Or want to know more about us? We have answers for all your queries. You can find them below.

What is your criteria for choosing products?

We look at all the available products in each category. Then we filter down the products based on factors like consumer ratings and reviews. We review only those products which we think are worth reviewing.

How will I get to know about the latest articles posted on this website?

We update the articles regularly. To get notified about the reviews you can follow us on Twitter & Instagram and like us on Facebook. 

How to contact you?

You can contact us by sending us your feedback by mail. You can also reach out to us on social media platforms. You can find more details on the Contact Us page.

Who writes the articles for this website?

We have a team of writers who have expertise in a particular niche.

How can I trust that the reviews published here are genuine?

We assure you that the information provided here is genuine. We give rational and honest opinions about a product which includes both the positive and negative aspects of a product. 

How do you make money?

We get a small percentage of the purchase price if anyone buys a product using any of the links in the articles.

Will any extra cost be added to the product if I make the purchase from this website?

No extra cost will be added. You will get the product at the original price.

Do companies pay you to review their products?

No, we do not take money from companies to review their products.

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